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Commonly Asked Questions

Do I buy groceries online or at the truck?

You can either purchase your food online using this site, or you can purchase at the truck. The price is the same for both. We recommend that if you want to order in bulk, you do so online. We try to keep our trucks as stocked as possible, but are unable to guarantee that many bulk purchases can be made at the truck.

What if you run out of what I need?

If we run out of a certain item, the site will inform you when you try to purchase it. We restock each week, but are unable to control the entire stock of the market. If for some reason you purchase an item that we are unable to provide, you will be given a credit for the amount paid for that item. 

What if I miss my pickup?

If you miss a pickup, you will receive a 90% credit for your purchase. The items of your purchase will be returned to our supply for others to buy if the items are satisfactory. You can then use your credit for any future orders. If you want to purchase the same items again, you will have to reorder.

What if I can't come during my neighborhood's pickup time?

Due to current staffing, we are unable to extend the time that the trucks are in each location. We try our best to accommodate the busy schedules of our shoppers by assigning two times for each neighborhood. If you are unable to meet the pickup time for your neighborhood, you are welcome to visit the truck when it is in another neighborhood. You can also assign an alternate pickup person in the comments during checkout.

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